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What our Graduates say about this NGH Certification Course



This class has been a great experience. William is very positive, helpful, generous and knowledgeable. He is also very experienced and is able to share that experience in class. I feel I now have the knowledge and confidence to start my own practice as a hypnotherapist.


Richard Rees


This has been one of best, most enlightening experiences of my life. After watching numerous videos featuring some of the most renown hypnotherapists and instructors in the country, I've come to the conclusion that William Molitor is the best; better than the others. It was a life changing experience for me.


Mary Ann Jones


The course was an amazing and fantastic experience. The classes were interesting, fun and interactive. We learned so much so quickly.

The eight hours of class time per day flew by and left us eager for the next session.

I was completely satisfied with the course ---It far exceeded my expectations and I consider the time and cost an investment that will be of benefit to me for the rest of my life. I highly recommend this course---it is tremendous and life -changing


LuAnn Tarvin



William Molitor is an emotionally and spiritually evolved teacher who has the integrity and enthusiasm necessary to make this NGH certification course truly enriching and worthwhile. I would recommend William and the Tri-StatevHypnosisvCenterto anyone interested in learning about hypnosis and how it works.


Kate Radkey


As a recent graduate of Tri-State Hypnosis Center I would like to express my gratitude for the fabulous learning experience I received. I knew very little about hypnosis before attending the school. William is a fantastic instructor. He teaches from a high level of professionalism and mastery of his profession. Not only does he demonstrate his high skill level, his teaching style encourages learning and wanting to increase the knowledge of hypnosis and hypnotherapy. The way he critiques your work is very conducive to learning the skill needed to work as a professional. He is very patient, always answers questions, in person, phone calls, and emails. I finished the course with the confidence to open my own practice, which I will soon do. I highly recommend this course.

Thank You William.


Marcia Cantrell, MSW, L.I.S.W., CHT April 22, 2009



I am happy I have decided to take this course. The materials are laid out in a logical manner to facilitate learning and retention. Materials are also geared toward client understanding and confidence building for all parties involved. William Molitor is very knowledgeably and has a great presence. His enthusiasm and approach shows he wants his students to become successful practitioners. I will recommend this class to others

Gary Muse, BS February 28th 2010



I am very pleased to have taken this course on hypnosis. This is my first time exposure on the subject and my experience in this course is very rewarding. The atmosphere in class is both professional and comfortable. There's always time for questions and answers for myself and fellow students make this a great learning technique.

I would recommend this course to anyone considering training for a career in hypnosis.


Nancy Choi February 28th 2010


This course was very interesting and has a lot of information. The Instructor is very knowledgeable and gives a great presentation of the subject. He makes it easy to understand and eager to learn more. Very enjoyable.

I am finishing this course with more information than I had expected.


Lillian Murphy, LPN February 28th 2010


I really enjoyed this course. William's style of teaching held my interest, it was entertaining as well as being informative. The hands-on training I received made me confident that I can succeed as a hypnotist. This class met all my expectations.


Teresa Grimes July 3rd 2010



This is a fascinating start to practicing. It was a most thought provoking, vide varying course incorporating the most up-to -date approaches and refinements. William vividly shares many tools, tips, and approaches and many stories from his experiences. I appreciate his openness to discuss different philosophies and his spiritual and very practical approach. It was both challenging and fun and opened my to the extent of possibilities in this field including self-growth.


Philip July 3rd 2010



This course exceeded my expectations! For years I have bought and read books about hypnosis and listened to CD's, but have never experienced the positive change-or any change.

Now, I have the knowledge and understanding on how to use hypnosis for myself and to empower others to succeed!

The exercises not only helped build self-confidence, but also allowed us to experience what our clients may experience.


Warning; Attendance may be life-changing!


Laura Morrow Steenbergen, MBA 04/16/11


The course itself was more than just information, it was hands on instruction, discussion, and learning. Which made learning the material even more interesting. It was amazing to see how quickly I could be transformed into someone capable of doing these things. The instructor was motivational, very hands ons, and made the material come to life.

Absolutey wonderful experience!


M Joann Neff 04/06/11



 This course Totally exceeded my expectations! I was not prepared for the depth and breadth of the information. The class pace was great. The discussion was lively and spirited. By far one of the most valuable aspects was the hands on demonstrations. Mr. Molitor is engaging, humorous, and a wealth of knowledge. It is his passion for the subject that carries it all. You can not substitute knowledge for passion; all the knowledge on earth won't matter if the delivery is flat and colorless. Not so here.

The "Hall of Thoughts" is a brilliant approach! It is efficient and elegant which makes the book material seem clumsy, outmoded and thick. I think the Hall of Thoughts" is the leading edge of the hypnotic techniques! It will define hypnosis in the future.


Caron E Ward 04/06/11



I had researched all the hypnosis instruction places I could find & this one offered the best program and the fact that it was on weekends and could be completed in 5 weeks was a plus. The cost was also very reasonable for all that was taught. The instructor was dynamic and I liked his approach to hypnosis. The material was comprehensive and the practical experiences of the instructor significantly helped in understanding the material. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone interested in learning hypnosis.


Sherree' E. Etter 04/06/11





I have already seen changes in my life as a result of this class. I would definitely recommend this course to others...

Brian 2-26-2012



From day one I was happily surprised with the continued hour to hour training.

The class work was always kept on task and William does go the extra mile to reinforce the lesson. Doris made the classroom amenities comfy and her greeting us in the morning was a great start to the class. I would recommend this course.

Cathy 2-26-2012


If William would not have presented this course the way that he did; professionally, intelligently, charismatically and with authority I would not have been able to complete this course. I learned very much and I feel much better than I did before the course. Doris and William presented this class beyond my expectations I would recommend this course to anyone that was interested in hypnotism.

Jerry 2-26-2012



The comprehensive program offered by Tri-State Hypnosis Center has been amazing. I am confident that I can be successful using hypnosis to benefit my clients- and myself.

Marlana 2-26-2012



National Guild of Hypnotists, 2011 Convention



In 2011 @ the National Guild of Hypnotist annual conference I took William's class: Marketing to Universities. That class was extremely helpful; very insightful and it gave me an even greater confidence, when added to the information I have acquired over a period of time....... Within two days, post class - I walked up to an athletic director, shook his hand and when I told him, "I was the person he wanted to talk to", he graciously set the appointment. It went very well!

Within a week I contacted William with some more questions and he was more than willing to assist my needs. I strongly encourage anyone interested in sports or marketing to universities, to take William's classes.

Polly Humphreys

Consulting Hypnotist

Behavior Modification Coach


 “The Course exceeded my expectations” “I think that anyone who has an interest in hypnosis would benefit from the course”



“I really enjoyed this course. William is extremely knowledgeable and skilled in his field and was very willing to share his knowledge with the class”, “The hands on experience that we had in the class was so valuable to me”, “I would absolutely recommend William; he is very practical in his instructions and generous in sharing his knowledge”



“William is a very intelligent, entertaining and helpful instructor”, “I would recommend this course to everybody because it has truly changed my life forever”



 “I feel everything was presented well and I was help to truly learn and not just memorize”, “It was very positive and worth what I paid and worth my time”



“Very educational experience in the world of hypnosis. Lots of information but taught in a very fun and easy-going environment”



“Taking this course has been an incredible experience”, “I have learned so much about the area of hypnosis, not only from the material presented but also from Williams many years of experience as well” , “I feel grateful for haven been given the opportunity to take this course, and confident that with what I have learned I will go far in my own career"






I could not have been more fortunate than to find my way to study with William. He is so passionate about the field, dedicated to teaching and to the development of his students. The course was an ideal mix of theory and practice-geared to train all of us toward solid foundational abilities. I had the normal self-doubts- but William carried us right over that and led me into a place of confidence in the work. The course is well structured, accessible and achievable for anyone willing to put in the work. It is an exceptional resource.



I am very happy with my experience. I have wanted to do this for a long time. I am glad that I chose this school and instructor. This course brought me to a much higher level. I felt that I had a very safe and comfortable class room environment and felt a personal growth that will only help me to help others. This was a wonderful experience and I would recommend this course to others.




I am very happy that I took this course. I have learned so much more than I had ever thought possible. I have a wonderful understanding of the basics of hypnosis. I know there is a lot more to learn but this is for sure the place to start. I would recommend this course to everyone. It is life changing in your own personal day to day adventures.






I can honestly say that I hated to see the course come to an end! The class was filled with lively discussions and practical applications regarding hypnotism. As students, we were both watching and participating in inductions during a large portion of each of the 10 sessions. I entered this course filled with curiosity, but with little understanding of hypnosis. It was interesting to observe my personal comfort level increase from week to week. One thing that I really feel worth noting, is the personal touch William (and Doris) add to the course. At the beginning of the course, William asked each of us what our goals were for the course. Our answers were as varied as we were. However, as the class progressed, it became obvious that he was working hard to provide each of us with the experiences we would need to successfully meet our stated goals. I would recommend this course to anyone with a curiosity as to the nature of hypnotism or to aspiring hypnotherapists.


Tiffany Barnes  (March 2015)


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