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Hypnosis 101




December 13th 2017


Have you ever thought about becoming a certified hypnotist or hypnotherapist?  Have you wondered if hypnosis could help you lose weight, stop smoking or overcome a fear? This two hour interactive seminar is specifically designed to answer all these questions plus many more such as, how do you hypnotize someone, who can be hypnotized, how deep do you need to be in hypnosis, is it safe?


If you have ever wanted know the answers to these questions then NOW! is your chance. Tri-State Hypnosis Center will conduct this “Hypnosis 101” Seminar on December 13th from 7pm until 9pm located at our Hypnosis Center, this seminar is designed to answer all your questions. You will participate in or witness actual hypnotic inductions with your fellow seminar members. William Molitor is a Board Certified Hypnotist and a Certified NGH Hypnosis instructor. William has conducted thousands of hours of public presentations in the art of hypnosis all over the USA and abroad.








Past Life Regression


No Date for Fall 2017



  Many seek to understand what Hypnotic Past life Regression is all about and what it can offer them. For those of you who are seeking clarity in your lives or perhaps a better understanding of your life's purpose this is clearly a path to explore. For those who are just curious and wish to search for and experience new possibilities Past Life Regression may be one of the most exciting journeys that you will ever take.


Whatever your aspirations are this seminar is designed not to meet your expectations but exceed them.


If you belong to an organization or group that may be interested in this seminar. contact us for more information about how we can bring this seminar to you.




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