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This Certification course consists of:
· What Is Hypnosis?
· Suggestibility and your clients.
· Influences of hypnosis.
· Cautions of hypnosis.
· History of hypnosis.
· How to hypnotize.
· Trance depth.
· Suggestion management
· The conscious and unconscious mind.
· Mechanical aids.
· Additional instructions.
· Deepening techniques.
· Anesthesia management
· Smoking cessation
· Weight management
· Stress management
· Ethics
· Session structure
· Behavioral assessment.
· Goal setting.
· Imagery Psychology and Hypnosis
· Scripts and Techniques
· How to Run a Six Hours Self Hypnosis Course
· Age Regression (uncovering techniques)
· Advanced Hypnotherapeutic process
· Your Hypnosis Practice
Upon successful completion of this course you will receive your status as a NGH certified hypnotist, and you will qualify for membership in the NGH, the largest and most prestigious national educational organization in this field.
Your first year of membership in the NGH is included with your certification at no extra charge!
· This program is a comprehensive course designed to prepare professionals to incorporate hypnotism into their existing practice.
· It is the sensible choice for the health care practitioner who wants to increase their knowledge to offer more comprehensive services.
· Anyone desiring personal improvement, as well as those who wish to help others to help themselves.
· The intelligent novice seeking to become a competent hypnosis professional.
This amazing course of instruction and hands-on experience will prepare you at a high level of proficiency in the art of hypnotism.
What will the Tri-State Hypnosis Center Provide?
 Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Training for Those Who…
·    Are interested in working with clients in a full time or part time practice.
·   Individuals in the helping professions that would like to add the ability to use hypnosis as one of their therapeutic  tools or interventions.
·   Everyone interested in learning Hypnosis and Self-Hypnosis for self improvement or programs which can be applied to private or corporate clients.


Certification through the National Guild of Hypnotists, the world's largest and oldest hypnosis organization.


2.   No surprises; all required materials included in the tuition.

3.   Accelerated hypnosis training program that focuses on exactly what you need.

4.   Smaller classes; we limit our classes to 12 new students.


5.   You will learn from William L. Molitor BCH, CI, who is a Board Certified Hypnotherapist & Certified Instructor, and Award winning Hypnotherapist.

6.   You will learn in a professional setting and highly successful hypnosis center.

7.   You will have plenty of time for the all important "hands on" practice of your hypnosis skills during the course.


8.   This is a comprehensive course covering modern hypnotism, including instant and rapid hypnotic inductions, direct and hidden deepening and testing techniques, how to construct suggestions, age regression techniques.


9.   You will learn how to build your business from those who know how. We are the most successful Hypnosis Center in Cincinnati, Ohio.



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