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At Tri-State Hypnosis Center we use some of the most powerful Hypnosis techniques for creating fast and permanent changes. Among some of the available tools are 5-PATH™, and 7th Path Self Hypnosis.

Waking Suggestion (WS), Direct Hypnotic Suggestion (DS), Age Regression (AR), and variations of Parts Work (PW) are just some of the processes that we use. Parts Work (PW) consists of Forgiveness Work (FW) and a Mediation Parts Technique (PMT).

 These compelling hypnotic processes have shown to give compellingly reliable results for a number of issues, such as weight loss, smoking cessation, improving mood, motivation, self-esteem, pain management and stress management.


What can Hypnosis Do?   

root of the problemNotice the drawing of a weed to the left. Pretend for a moment, that your mind is like your lawn out in front of your home. Even some of the best cared for yards, if you look close enough, are going to have a couple of weeds! Weeds are interesting because they are so persistent. You see, most of the yard is made up of good green grass, shrubs, and flowers (the good things about yourself). The grass has good roots, but the weed's roots go much deeper. That is why if you try to remove a weed by cutting it off, or pulling it up and you don't get its entire root, it is most likely to just come back, and sometimes there are more weeds (symptoms or problems) than when you started. 


Taking this example a little further, you could look at the picture of the weed and divide it up into three distinct areas: first there is the area where the roots are, the soil, that is equivalent to the subconscious mind; the second area, where the grass is, is equivalent to the conscious mind, the part that is easy to see; and finally, there is the part that sticks up into the air for yourself and everyone else to see, the weed, the part of ourselves that we don't like. 


The part we don't like might be a bad habit like biting your finger nails, over-eating, smoking or something more serious like, pain, stress, anxieties, fears or phobias, or even some diseases like ulcers. 


Some actions just deal with the behavior or the outward symptom, and that would be like mowing off the top of the weed, leaving it likely to return.  In the short term you might feel better, like going on a diet, losing the weight, and then the weight returns, because the real cause of the excess weight was never eliminated! Then you feel frustrated, and may even gain more weight (more weeds!). 


Hypnosis done properly will remove the problem at the root, by helping the client to see or experience the situation, thought or idea that started the problem differently. If the root of the problem is removed, then the problem ceases to exist! 



 The Problem Developed Like A Stack of Bricks!


BrickNotice the upside down stack of bricks. How the problem evolved, into what it is today, is kind of like that stack of bricks. The brick on the bottom is like the first situation in your life (usually forgotten) that started the whole thing. 


It is some situation, thought or idea that occurred in your past, it was like a "seed" in the above example of the weed. All by itself, it does not amount to much, but given the "right" circumstances, enough reinforcement in subsequent days, months and years (the next three layers of bricks), and it can develop into some real troublesome symptoms (the top layer of bricks). Each brick on the top layer could represent a different symptom, compulsive eating, head aches, low self-esteem, drug abuse, etc. (like the part of the weed that sticks up in the air). 


Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy done correctly, removes the bottom brick (the power of the initial event) that holds up all of the rest of the stack of bricks. If the bottom brick is removed the whole thing crumbles, symptoms, problems and all! (Brick example is from Stephen Parkhill's Answer Cancer.) 


Kind of exciting isn't it!?! This is why hypnosis can work so fast and be so effective!  


Here are 101 issues Hypnosis may be used for....

1.  Abandonment 

26. Frustration 

51.    Mistrust 

76.    Self-Forgiveness 

2.   Addictions 

27. Future Life 

52.    Moodiness 

77.    Self-Hypnosis 

3.   Adolescent Issues 

28. Gambling 

53.    Motivation 

78.    Self-Image 

4.   Aggression 

29. Grief 

54.    Nail Biting 

79.    Self-Realization

5.   Agoraphobia 

30. Guilt 

55.    Negotiating Power 

80.    Sexual Abuse

6.   Anger 

31. Hair Pulling 

56.    Obsessive-Compulsive    

81. Sexual Dysfunction's 

7.   Anxiety    

32. Healthy 

57.    Overeating  

82.    Shame 

8.   Assertiveness 

33. Helplessness Hope 

58.    PMS 

83.    Skin Problems 

9.   Bed Wetting 

34. Higher-Self  

59.    Pain Management 

84.    Sleep Disorders 

10. Change Habits 

35. Hyperactivity 

60.    Panic Attacks 

85.    Smoking Cessation 

11. Cheek Biting 

36. Hypochondria 

61.    Passive-Aggressive 

86.    Social Skills 

12. Childbirth & Pregnancy

37. Improve Sales 

62.    Past Life Regression 

87.  Sports Enhancement

13. Chronic Pain 

38. Indecision 

63.    Perfectionism 

88.    Stage Fright 

14. Communication Skills 

39. Inferiority 

64.    Procrastination  

89.    Stress 

15. Competition 

40. Inner Child 

65.    Public Speaking 

90.    Study Habits 

16. Concentration 

41.    Insecurity 

66.    Rejection 

91.    Stuttering 

17. Criticism 

42.    Insomnia 

67.    Resistance to Change 

92.    Substance Abuse 

18. Energy Improvement 

43.    Integrity 

68.    Restlessness 

93.    Surgery Pre/post  

19. Exercise 

44.    Intimacy 

61.    Passive-Aggressive  

94.    Surgery Recovery 

20. Fear of Dentist 

45.    Irrational Thoughts 

70.    Self-Blame 

95.    Tardiness 

21. Fear of Flying 

46.    Irritability 

71.    Self-Confidence  

96.    Test Anxiety 

22. Fears & Phobias 

47.    Jealousy 

72. Self-Defeating Behaviors 

97.    Trauma Recovery 

23. Financial Freedom 

48.    Love Issues 

73.    Self-Discipline  

98.   Victimization 

24. Find Life Purpose 

49.    Memory  

74.    Self-Esteem 

99.  Weight Management

25. Forgiveness 

50.    Menopause 

75.    Self-Expression  





101.Writer’s Block 

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